#Poetry “Moving Forward in Reverse”

Moving Forward in Reverse

The past never leaves, but is blind,

Blurring visions of the future,

Events that once were left behind.

Memories reincarnate from a time gone by,

Moving forward seems impossible,

Reparation vacant, reinforcing the question why.

Is it the enemy or a gift given by events beyond any control?

Appearing without out discrimination,

Memories climbing up a tunnel from a dark hole.

A dwelling opponent with appearing from dark resurrection,

What if this, I could have done that,

Opposing it’s will with no ability for correction.

A gift when remembered and lessons have been learned,

A cluttered path becomes clear,

An advantage in life’s choices, and the freedom you have earned.

Take the past’s lessons, plan and rehearse,

Better late than never,

Moving forward in reverse.


3 thoughts on “#Poetry “Moving Forward in Reverse”

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  1. What, purpose, we ask ourselves ,are the events of the past? Could it be to prepare us for our remaining years.There are memories that are good and probably more that are bad.At least the bad ones seem to domiinate our mind more. Hindsight is the most wonderful teacher.Decisions at the time made seem logical,but from every choice change is made.

    We learn something,or should. I often think of all our experiences are for us to educate the next generation or so, since they are growing up in a different culture .But the meaning of your poem is timeless .It takes a special person to instruct kids today and often its not well received from the parents,until they are past the teens or 20’s. Keep it up Mom

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