Saint Michael

Saint Michael

I was content, satisfied with those already here,

Not expecting how much you could love,

How much I would hold you dear.


Brave yet timid, sometimes easy to scare,

Your devotion to this family,

Offering your white paw for me to share.


You stayed for the summer, not one to forget,

Chasing cattle in the pasture,

Learning how to play, but never figured out “sit”.


I thought back to all the good times we had,

Your master called you home,

My heart was wrenched, this day beyond sad.


I saw it in your eyes, confusion and fear,

Loaded you in the car,

Said good bye with a tear.


I will come and visit every chance I get,

and bring your favorite bone,

And together, we will work on sit.


All summer I would visit, but it was not the same,

So excited for visits,

Leaving you there was a shame.


The falls leaves turned, and the weather became bitter,

Your master fell ill,

And asks us to be more than a sitter.


She picked you up that day and told you it was time to go,

Jumping in to the car,

Your bed and toys in tow.


Meekly you ran to me, my eyes shined like chrome,

This is your family,

Mikey had made it back home.

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