“The Traveler”

Ever had a dream like this?  Nothing more, nothing less.  I feel bad because as just before I hit the ground, I thrash enough to eject my wife right out of bed.



A human, just for a moment or more in time,

Thrust into chaos, all are gone but they were left behind. 


This unforgettable place, created by something of their own,

No chance in hell to avoid it, this path must be traveled alone.


The option of choice has left, the plot already made,

No wooden boat or life vest, through  murky waters they will wade.


Opinions like chatter, making noise but are not heard,

The call is to move forward, the body does so without a single word.


Legs churn without guidance, stumbling across the land,

Up a rocky slope, across a desert filled with sand.


Through the current of rolling river, to a valley down below,

Where this journey ends, the mind and body do not know.



The glowing sun consumed by the horizon, dim light only leads the way,

Carnivores circle above, waiting patiently for potential prey.


What was white is now black, the body nervous and tense,

Tall trees cover the path, this traveled world makes no sense.


A howl calls from the distance, intentions clear and profound,  

Branches grab ankles, as the traveler falls to the ground.


The path is no longer lit, the pace slow, joints cold and stiff,

The earth gives way from below, as if slipping off a cliff.


Fear turns to calm, falling into a forever descent,

Bargaining for life, promising only truth, promising forgiveness and repent.


The ground will break the body, inevitable as it may seem,

The last gasp of air is stolen before death, and the human wakes up from their dream.

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