Poetry “A Distance Hug from a Mother”


A Distant Hug from a Mother

With great thought and care it was carefully made,

A gift for me to be used, but also to be displayed.

Holding stars and stripes in each perfect square,

Also with old planes that long ago, flew in the air.

Each stitch a memory, each pattern a short story,

Red, white, and blue colors, that resemble Old Glory.

It is here not just for me, built of love and to share,

You can find it on the sofa, sometimes on the back of a chair.

Cloth and thread mended together, beautiful yet more than just decor,

It tells tell part of my story, good, bad,  and so much more.

Tough days they can come, full of anger and guilt,

Like a distant hug from mother, I surround myself with her homemade quilt.

I wish I had the talent and patience to make a quilt.  A quilt, to me, encompasses so many things.  The time, creativity, patience, and effort that goes into its construction is truly overwhelming.  I was fortunate to receive this quilt.  It is more of a fight around our house of who gets to wrap themselves up in the detailed work of art.

Like a tapestry or priceless painting, I look at this quilt everyday.  I am grateful for my life, family, and those around me.

Thank you for taking a look at a short poem that means a lot to me.

I have the dictated words below as they are hard to read on the photograph.  Thank you for reading “A Distance Hug from a Mother”.

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